Have you ever thought that the basement can be not only dark and gloomy, but you can make a stylish and cozy room out of it? It will significantly increase the house's living space, give you more rooms and make the price of the building higher. Basement renovation is not an easy task. It is not enough to hang a beautiful chandelier and paste wallpaper. For the basement to become a worthy part of your home, you need to install insulation, lay the floor, and decorate the walls. You shouldn't do it all on your own. It is better to entrust repairs to professionals, and you will not recognize your basement.

The best artisans of LABELLWAY has been specializing in construction and renovation for many years, who will quickly and efficiently transform the basement. The designer will develop the room's design, considering all your wishes. Cooperation with LABELLWAY will allow you to decorate the basement so that you do not want to leave it. You don't have to worry about quality and timing. We do everything at the highest level.

Basement renovation - Labellway

Basement renovation ideas from LABELLWAY

Extra Room

From the basement, you can make an extra bedroom or living room. If guests often come to you, this is a great option to accommodate everyone. Thanks to the repair of the basement, you will get a full-fledged apartment with all the necessary elements.

Rest Zone

The basement will make a great room for relaxation. It is maximally protected from street noise, so you can safely read a book, watch a movie or just spend a few minutes in silence.

Gaming Room

In the playroom, you can make a zone for children. Thus, the kids will have a good time and develop. You can put ottomans and decorate the floor with a soft carpet. Such a basement will definitely delight your friends and their children.


If there is not enough space to organize a full-fledged workspace, why not create it in the basement? You can put a desktop and comfortable chair and transfer all work materials and equipment to the basement room. Remember high-quality lighting to maintain your eyesight.


Those who follow their figure can equip a gym just in their home. For a full workout, a horizontal bar and dumbbells are enough. You can always supply additional equipment to keep yourself in shape.

Seven Reasons to Renovate Your Basement

If you're still hesitant to renovate your basement, then we've rounded up seven top reasons to do so.

  1. It is an affordable opportunity to expand the living space in the house. It is much cheaper than adding a second floor or increasing the size of the building.
  2. You can get any room. We offered only five options for how you can arrange a basement. You can make a dressing room or a spa area, decorate a home theater or do whatever you want.
  3. In the design of the basement, there are no limits and prohibitions. It allows you to translate into reality the most daring design solutions.
  4. Few people can boast of a stylish basement where you can fully relax and have a good time.
  5. It is an excellent opportunity to use all the space of the house with benefit.
  6. If you design the basement as an apartment, it can be rented out.
  7. A basement renovation will significantly increase the value of your home if you decide to sell it.

Masters LABELLWAY will perform all repairs in the basement. We will help transform this part of the house and turn it into a real work of art. Only a phone call will separate you from a stylish room in the basement. Call us to expand the space of your home!