The bedroom is the room where you relax and rejuvenate. It doesn't take a considerable investment to renovate this area. No need to change the pipeline, make an exhaust hood, or install large household appliances. Even a little renovation will refresh your bedroom and make it cozy and comfortable.

For many, the bedroom is a personal, even intimate space. Therefore, the repair of this room is given special attention. Contact the professionals if you want to refresh the design, renovate or enlarge the space. LABELLWAY has been providing construction and renovation services for many years. We will make all your plans come true, update the bedroom and make this room an oasis for physical and mental relaxation.

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Bedroom Renovation Ideas From LABELLWAY

Make Your Bedroom Luxurious

Undoubtedly, the bedroom's main function is to provide a place to sleep. But you must admit that relaxing in a beautiful, stylish room is much more pleasant. A spacious room with high ceilings will give not only physical relaxation but also aesthetic pleasure. You can expand the space by combining several rooms or raising the roof. For such decisions, professional help is needed, and we will gladly provide it.

Enlarging your bedroom will not only help you relax better. The room will be your pride. In addition, such an investment will help you increase the value of your home.

Add Lighting

When renovating the whole house, special attention is paid to the lighting of the kitchen and living room. At the same time, they mistakenly believe that only one chandelier will be enough in the bedroom. It is not entirely true. Adequately selected lighting will help you relax before bed, creating an intimate atmosphere. Don't limit yourself to one light source.

Combining various light sources will make the room more stylish and cozy. You can use a ceiling chandelier as a base, add a floor lamp, and a few spotlights.


Flooring is another critical point in the renovation of the bedroom. Hard materials should not be used for this room. It is better to abandon tiles in favor of wood or materials that mimic it. It will make the bedroom cozier and more comfortable.

Wooden structures are perfect in almost any design. You can choose any color and shade of material. For decorating a bedroom, a laminate, or cork floor is ideal. Even for this room, use dense vinyl coatings. Also, don't forget the rug. Thanks to him, you do not have to get out of bed on the cold floor. You can lay a small carpet next to the bed or cover the entire space from wall to wall.

Details Matter

In the bedroom design, it is much easier to follow trends. It is enough to replace just a few little things, so the room looks completely different. For example, you can make a balandine from translucent fabrics. It will add a touch of chic to the room and hide the bed from prying eyes. Add bright pillows, install neon ice lights or a faux wool rug.

When choosing accessories for the bedroom, you should not blindly follow fashion and trends. Decide what you like best and go in that direction. Foremost, this is your recreation area. And only you should enjoy it.

Color is Just as Important

Wallpaper and new wall colors can dramatically transform a room. And in the bedroom, it is straightforward to do this. When choosing colors, you should not follow all the trends. As with the choice of accessories and details, it is worth listening to yourself and decorating the room the way you want.

Psychologists have long concluded that color affects the human psyche. For example, red tones are considered the colors of passion and love while causing aggression. Blue shades are soothing, but make the room cold. When choosing a bedroom color scheme, it is advised to choose soft, pastel colors. They help to relax and tune in to rest.

Spacious rooms can be decorated in dark colors. They will create a noble, mysterious atmosphere. If you settled on this solution, add light elements, so the room does not become gloomy. For a small space, it is still better to select whitened tones. It will make the bedroom look more prominent. Colored accessories will add dynamism to the design and make it more interesting.

These five ideas are not all that can be done in a bedroom renovation. Call us if you need to refresh the room's interior or do everything from scratch. LABELLWAY designers will offer the best solutions for you.