Building a house starts with the foundation. It is the strength and reliability of the building. The masters of LABELLWAY has been specializing in specific works of varying complexity for many years. Our experts know how important a solid foundation is for a home. Before starting work, we calculate the basis on the basis, consider all the significant places, and study the area's features. A personalized approach ensures that your home's foundation is solid and secure.

In our work, we use high-quality materials and equipment. LABELLWAY masters have all the necessary knowledge to confirm specific appointments. We are ready to create the foundation for a new house and strengthen the old foundation. During concrete work, we strictly adhere to the rules and safety precautions. You will not need to worry about the safety and quality of the house's foundation. We are ready to do all the work.

Types of concrete work


The foundation is the foundation of the house. It should be not only durable and high quality. When installing the foundation, we take into account all the features of the future building, and we take into account the parts of the area. It is a property in which the foundation can withstand the entire load, and cracks and deformations do not appear on it.

LABELLWAY specialists reliably adhere to all the principles of creating a foundation. We select the best materials, draw the necessary proportions, and conduct research.


The biggest load falls on the foundation of the house. During construction, it is important to correctly calculate the load, choose the depth and width. We are engaged not only in concrete work, but also draw up a plan for the future foundation of the house, carry out measurements and calculations. LABELLWAY masters will perform all the necessary work, regardless of the size and complexity of the object.


The foundation slab is one of the design options for the base of the building. For such a foundation, you do not need to create support. It prevents the appearance of fungus, high humidity and insects. With the slab on grade, you can quickly make the basis for future building. But such work requires waiting for preparation. Therefore, it is better for professionals.

We offer professional assistance in laying foundation slabs. Masters of LABELLWAY are familiar with all the subtleties and obviousness of the work. We will conduct all the research and create the main building as close as possible.


Professional waterproofing of the foundation will extend the life of the building and reduce the influence of external factors and nature. LABELLWAY selects the best transmission option that guarantees an increase in the strength of your foundation.

In our work, we use only materials from trusted manufacturers. Our many years of experience with our specialists allow us to choose a solution for the best objects of any complexity.


Underpinning is a standard procedure for older homes with low-ceiling basements. The method allows you to raise the basement ceiling by digging the soil under the walls and installing supports. Thanks to this, you not only increase the height of the basement but also strengthen the foundation of the building. It prolongs the life of the building and helps to avoid cracks and severe problems with the foundation of the house.