LABELLWAY is The Perfect Contractor to Build Your Home

By deciding LABELLWAY, you will be sure that the masters are engaged only in your home and are not distracted by other tasks. We focus on quality and pay attention to all stages. It ensures that you can move into your new home within the stipulated time frame and not worry about anything going wrong.

We have assembled a team of experienced, talented professionals. Thanks to this, we are confident in the quality of all the work that we perform. Our artisans perform a full range of services, from creating a foundation to ending wallpapering and garbage disposal.

Custom homes - Labellway

Project Management

We make every effort to make our interaction simple for you. We know it's essential for you to understand how your home is progressing. Therefore, our team has managers and consultants who will keep you informed of all events.

For each project, you assign a specialist who controls the implementation of all tasks, logistics, and other issues. Thus, you will be sure that our artisans meet the deadlines, we carry out purchases within the specified budget, and the work is moving in the right direction.

Cooperation with LABELLWAY will relieve you of the need to control artisans and participate in purchases. The transparency of our work allows you to be aware of all the details. We care not only about building a house but also about your peace of mind.

The Main Stages of Building a House

We know that you want to know how your home will be built. Conventionally, it consists of 20 stages:

  1. Excavations.
  2. Foundation and waterproofing.
  3. Backfilling the foundation.
  4. Framing.
  5. Installation of windows and doors.
  6. Roof.
  7. Siding.
  8. Flat or concrete floors.
  9. Mechanical: including electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and audiovisual.
  10. Insulation.
  11. Drywall.
  12. Primer (1st paint).
  13. Finishing carpentry work, including installation of cabinets, doors and trim, stairs, railings, and more.
  14. Laying ceramic tiles.
  15. Wall painting and finishing.
  16. Installation of floors.
  17. Kitchen countertops.
  18. Device installation.
  19. Final layout and installation of the roadway.
  20. Final cleaning.

The sample list covers all the elements of building a house from scratch. Each point can be divided into several more.

Our masters quickly and efficiently perform all stages of work. We will take into account all your wishes. LABELLWAY is a contractor with whom you do not have to worry about anything.