LABELLWAY is a construction company that does all the work. Masters will create an incredible terrace, an open area for relaxation, and stylish flooring. We are not afraid of complications so we will implement all your ideas. Template solutions are not about our work; there are no similar projects for us. We create unique designs designed especially for you. LABELLWAY designers develop layouts taking into account all the wishes of the customer.

In our work, we use the best materials from proven manufacturers. You don't have to worry about the strength of the flooring or constantly paint the terrace to make it look stylish and tidy. Masters pay attention to all the little things and perform work following norms and requirements. It guarantees the strength and reliability of the flooring.

Decking - Labellway

PVC Decking

A traditional wooden terrace is an excellent option for decorating a backyard. You can hold parties in the fresh air or enjoy pleasant weather with your dearest people. The main disadvantage of a terrace made of natural wood is the cost. Such a design is quite expensive and requires special care.

PVC Decking is an ideal alternative. The material imitates natural wood and will create a unique atmosphere in your yard. At the same time, it is relatively inexpensive and does not require much time to make a terrace. It is worth choosing PVC Decking because:

  • it is waterproof; that is, it will not deform or rot due to rain, snowfall, or wet weather;
  • the material is not afraid of scratches;
  • it is an ecological option that does not harm the environment;
  • the flexibility of the material allows you to make any shapes.

PVC Decking is a good option to decorate your yard. Give us a call. And we will gladly create a terrace, flooring, or other structure.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is another alternative to natural wood. The material consists of wood fibers and polymers. Thanks to this, you will get a perfectly even, smooth floor that does not require active care.

The composite is not afraid of moisture and changes in atmospheric pressure. It perfectly preserves its appearance under the sun's rays and does not crack. It ensures that the terrace or decking will always have a perfect appearance.

Thanks to this material, you will forget about bugs and other insects. You do not need to treat the boards with substances to repel termites. In addition, you will forget about painting and polishing surfaces. The composite perfectly preserves its appearance and is not afraid of scratches.

IPE decking

Wood is the best option for decorating a terrace or decking. If you are looking for natural materials, pay attention to IPE decking. Brazil nut is robust and beautiful. He is not afraid of fire, water, or temperature changes. If you want the structure to last for many years, pay attention.

IPE decking serves at least 25 years. With proper care, the service life increases to 50. Don't worry; you don't need to use expensive substances or special equipment. It is enough to simply clean the dirt regularly.

The material is resistant to insects and rotting processes. You will not need to use unique solutions to avoid such unpleasant moments. IPE decking is a beautiful dark-colored material with a specific texture. The terrace will always be smooth and shiny, thanks to many natural oils.

Decking is a rather complex job that is best left to professionals. LABELLWAY specialists will select the best solutions and materials specifically for your yard. You won't have to worry about anything. Just call us to create stylish, durable, and multi-functional flooring.