Waterproofing will increase the strength of your foundation several times and protect it from environmental influences. Many years of experience LABELLWAY allows us to choose the best option to protect your home's foundation. In our work, we use materials from well-known manufacturers. Therefore, we guarantee the high quality of waterproofing works.

The company's specialists are familiar with the specifics of all materials. Thanks to this, we will quickly carry out the necessary work and protect your home's foundation.

How do we do foundation waterproofing?

First, we carefully study the foundation's state and the region's features. It is necessary to select the best waterproofing materials. Then, we install a special membrane that protects the foundation from water and moisture. With the help of drainage, we form an air layer that protects against pressure drops. Then, we start a drain that prevents moisture from accumulating near the foundation of your house.

We carry out a full range of waterproofing works. Specialists strictly observe the sequence and technology of work. It ensures that the foundation of your house will become stronger and that no rain and precipitation will be terrible for him. Professional waterproofing from LABELLWAY will keep the integrity and comfort of your home.