LABELLWAY is a construction company that will create your dream home. Whether you want to add more rooms, change the layout, or add a second floor, we are happy to help. With us, you can:

  • increase the number of bedrooms;
  • add a kid's room;
  • get a spacious office;
  • expand the kitchen;
  • make an oversized bath with a spa area;
  • furnish a lounge.

Many years of experience allow us to select the best solutions to make your dreams come true. LABELLWAY artisans will turn an old house into a new, stylish home.

Our masters have made every effort to make your home happy for many years. We care about safety, quality, and environmental friendliness. Therefore, we use only high-quality materials from well-known manufacturers in our work. And don't worry about time. We always deliver projects on time.

Home additions - Labellway

Types of home extensions

Second floor

The area of the house is not enough, but you do not want a new home? You are satisfied with the location, the city's proximity, and other factors. The second-floor annex is an excellent way out of the situation.

Not always the site allows you to expand the house in the front or behind. You can complete the second floor. With LABELLWAY, it's more than real. We will open the first floor and add an extension upstairs, thereby increasing the living space. You will get an extra bedroom, office, or kids' room. Adding a second floor allows you to enjoy a beautiful view and meet sunrises and sunsets. In addition, this solution will increase the value of your home.

House extension

The set height does not always allow you to add a floor. In this case, we can enlarge your house from the front or the back. This solution does not require significant repairs, which is already a huge plus. The type of extension depends on the characteristics of the plots. Most often, there is free space at the back of the house, which allows you to increase the back of the house. We can make an extension to the side or front. It all depends on the location of the house. Our specialists select an individual solution for each building. LABELLWAY specialists will take into account your wishes. It means that you will get what you dream about.

Dormer window

The attic is that part of the house that is not used for residential assistance. But we can quickly fix this by adding a dormer window. As a result, you will get additional space under the roof. You can make a guest or children's room, an office there. A dormer window is the fastest way to increase the size of your home at a minimal cost.

Why you should choose LABELLWAY

Contractor LABELLWAY is an excellent option to create an extension to the house. We employ the best specialists with many years of experience. An individual approach to each client guarantees that the future home will please you. At the first consultation, we determine what you want and look for the best implementation option. We are engaged in home repairs from scratch and the reconstruction of old buildings. Please submit your request now so we can get started as soon as possible.