An outdoor fireplace is a small detail that will radically transform the back of your yard. This stylish and original solution will be a genuine reason for pride. Just imagine: you come home after a day's work, change clothes, have dinner, and then enjoy the pleasant coolness of a summer evening by the fireplace. Isn't it great? An outdoor fireplace will be an excellent decoration for a small garden and a vast area. You can install it next to the pavilion or house. Such a solution will definitely highlight your yard among all.

The outdoor fireplace installation is best left to professionals. Firstly, it has to do with safety. LABELLWAY specialists know everything about fire safety and are familiar with all the regulations. Strict adherence to the installation sequence and attention to detail guarantee the fireplace's security and allow you to spend many pleasant evenings by the open fire.

Outdoor fireplace - Labellway

What materials do we use for an outdoor fireplace?

The choice of materials for an outdoor fireplace depends on your preferences and the site's design. LABELLWAY specialists most often use:

  • concrete. Such structures are durable and reliable. Such fireplaces fit easily into any plan and do not require special care;
  • copper. Solid and durable material. It is resistant to rust, but may fade and lose its original luster after a while;
  • cast iron. The most popular option. Cast iron outdoor fireplaces are affordable and will last for many years. But it is worth considering that the material rusts, which requires special care;
  • aluminum. Lightweight material that does not rust and retains its appearance. It does not require special care and is excellent for outdoor fireplaces;
  • stainless steel. Stainless steel fireplaces are durable, heavy, and quite expensive. However, this is a perfect option for those who want a durable construction that will retain its appearance through years of active use.

To manufacture outdoor fireplaces, you can combine materials and add inserts. LABELLWAY specialists will help you decide what the structure will be made of, what design will harmoniously fit into the yard's creation, and what fuel is best to use.

Collaboration with an experienced contractor will save you from searching for materials, developing a design, and doing hard work. Masters LABELLWAY carries out the entire cycle of installing an outdoor fireplace, from taking measurements and creating a design project, ending with removing construction waste.