Putting a pool on your property is always a good idea. More of it, you need to wait for warm weather to go to the river and enjoy the warm water. You can have parties and swim whenever you want. In addition, a recreation area with a swimming pool will significantly increase the value of your site.

If you want to install a pool, contact LABELLWAY specialists. The masters of the company have been providing construction services in various areas for many years. We will create the perfect pool for you. We guarantee that you will get precisely the pool you dreamed about. Slides, massagers, and different depths are not a problem for us. We will carefully listen to all your wishes and select the best option that fits perfectly into your yard.

Pools - Labellway

Types of Pools

Concrete Pool

A concrete pool is a durable, reliable construction for your home. It is an excellent solution if you want to furnish your backyard, host parties, and just relax. The main advantages of this option are:


  • reliability. A concrete pool will last at least 25 years;
  • exclusivity. Any shape can be poured from concrete, and a structure of any size can be created;
  • design. The concrete version can be decorated in any style;
  • functionality. When creating a pool, you can design and slides, height differences, set various massage and water supply functions;
  • versatility. We can install concrete pools on any landscape;
  • soundproofing. Some elements of the pool create noise and vibrations during operation. Concrete dampens these sounds.


Masters LABELLWAY knows all the subtleties and features of installing concrete pools. Strict adherence to technology eliminates the appearance of cracks, chips, leaks, and other unpleasant moments.

Fiberglass Swimming Pool

Fiberglass is a durable, smooth, seamless, and low-maintenance material. It is only logical that it is often chosen to create a pool in the backyard. This solution has the following advantages:

  • long service life. With proper care, the pool will last quite a long time;
  • damage resistance. The material is not affected by ultraviolet radiation, low or high temperatures, corrosion;
  • integrity. There are no joints and seams in the construction of the pool. You or your guests will not be able to get hurt while swimming;
  • security. Fiberglass is a non-toxic material, safe for the environment and the environment;
  • frugality. A fiberglass pool keeps the water temperature for a long time, which saves on heating.

Separately, it is worth noting that the pools are made according to particular forms. It will not work to create an original design of an unusual size.

Call us if you are thinking about putting a pool in your yard. Masters will tell you about all the features of the pools and tell you which one is best for you. We strictly adhere to all norms and rules of installation. Specialists perform a full range of work, and you will not need to worry about anything.

Cooperation with LABELLWAY is the best way to install a pool in your backyard!