Waterfalls and fountains are excellent options for decorating the yard. The sounds of water soothe, relax, and help eliminate negative emotions and bad moods. If you think that creating such an island on the site is very expensive, then you are mistaken. A waterfall can be built in a small garden at the back of your yard. Need help with how to do it? LABELLWAY masters will help you.

Our professional team will help you diversify the site's design and add an original solution. We can create a classic waterfall in your backyard where you can party with your friends. Or we will make a small installation that will become your island of calm. There are no complex ideas for us. We make every effort to make your garden elegant and stylish. Thanks to our cooperation, your site will be transformed, and there will be no end to the guests.

Pounds and Waterfall - Labellway

Waterfall Ideas by LABELLWAY

We have collected several fountain ideas that can be made into reality.

Wall of Water

Pretty simple yet effective design. Such a waterfall is suitable for almost any site. This solution looks especially impressive, together with natural stones and flowering plants.

Waterfall Made of Stones

An option for those who want to get as close to nature as possible. The stone waterfall looks very aesthetically pleasing. A slight change will diversify your garden, and a vast design will highlight a spacious area. The combination of different shades and textures will create a paradise you will not want to leave.


Wood can be used to create a homemade waterfall. It can be a clear structure made of boards or an original figure made of beams. The material's shapes, textures, and colors make all dreams come true. Remember that the tree needs to be treated regularly. It will help maintain the look of your fountain.

Tiered Fountain

A multi-level fountain does not have to be tall. The compact design will be an excellent decoration for your backyard. Water drops create an incredible atmosphere on the site. You definitely can not tear yourself away from this spectacle.

Use the Landscape

Is your house on a slope or are there ground drops? This can be done in style. Such a fountain looks as natural and organic as possible. The height differences in the garden are a great reason to create your own waterfall. Throw in some rocks and plants, and you won't recognize your garden.

Let's Add Some Light

For additional volume, use lighting. Lamps will help to place accents and highlight the fountain among other structures on the site. This solution looks very stylish and original. You can spend romantic evenings at a unique shining waterfall.

Do You Have Fish?

An aquarium does not have to be in the house. Place colorful fish in your fountain. Thus, you will get a private lake with incredible fauna. Remember to plant algae and feed your aquatic pets regularly. Such a waterfall will become a reason for delight among all guests.

Don't limit yourself when designing a waterfall. LABELLWAY masters are ready to help you make your wildest fantasies come true. One phone call separates you from your own piece of paradise. Contact us to transform your site.