Foundation slabs are one option for creating a house's foundation. Plates are used on stable soils with a distant occurrence of groundwater. Laying foundation slabs requires special skills and training. We know all the features of working with this material. Just call LABELLWAY, and we will find the best solution for you.

Why choose foundation slabs

The main advantage of a concrete slab foundation is its affordable cost. It is also worth noting that creating such a foundation takes much less time than standard concrete work. LABELLWAY specialists always meet deadlines. Don't worry; we will make the foundation of the building by the specified date.

To install the plates, no additional space is required from below. It significantly reduces the cost of heating the room. In addition, moisture does not accumulate under the plates. You will be sure that fungus and dampness will not appear in the building.

There are different types of concrete slabs. It is not necessary to choose the classic shades of the material. We can install painted concrete, which will be an excellent foundation for homes and bold design solutions.